XPERTSTUDIO Ltd invites a tender on 10000 USD as non-refundable grant

This device grant can be used for distance learning, teleworking, online banking, information exchange, live video streaming, or any other activities not listed here.

In our device competition grant, we have aimed to cover all fields existing on present day market. These devices make it easy for you to use the internet, work on your business or enjoy your freetime even during travelling. 

During our household appliance grant, we provide the most modern washing machine and refrigerator appliances to our beneficiaries.

This business solution offers you a significant support with minimal investment.

Who can qualify for our grants?

We wish to support all enterprises, companies, nonprofits and private individuals and our aim is to maximize our resources.

The legitimacy of the grant: the digitalization  in our modern society; the support of citizens and organizations in this field; propagation of new technologies; the support of this digital area and providing the users with the necessary tools.

Processing of the applications: in the order of arrival

Evaluation of applications: 15 to 30 days after the deadline of submission


We kindly ask all our applicants to introduce themselves and their activity because all we will know about them is based on the application material they share with us. This way if the applicant omits to intoduce his activity, his company, his foundation or its beneficiary, we are unable to evaluate his applicaation. Therefore, we emphatically ask  every candidates to remember introducing himself on the data sheet of the grant.

The final decision on providing the support depends on several factors. It depends on  the number of the candidates; on what services was the grant asked for; and also the quality of the applications and their relation to each other.

The grant quota contains a given amount of resource that will be shared out by all means.

Green Light electronic form

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